MIKE-GUI Software Documentation (macOS/Aqua)

Location of this document: http://instrumentation.obs.carnegiescience.edu/Software/MIKE/mikegui3.html

  • Configuration and Startup
  • Preferences
  • Main Menu
  • MIKE Instrument and Data Acquisition Window
  • Auxilliary Windows
  • Quick Look Tool

    Configuration Window

    Observer: [edit] : observer's name
    Camera: [menu] : {Blue,Red,Blue+Red}
    Select one or both cameras.
    [menu] : {online,simulator}
  • simulator: for tests with no dewar
  • online: dewar electronics are connected and running
  • Overscan: number of overscan pixels at the end of the readout line.
    Biaslines: number of bias lines after the CCD lines.
    PLC: [menu] : {offline, online }
  • offline: for tests with no PLC connected
  • online: mechanics and electronics connected and running
  • Telescope: [menu] : { Simulator,Baade_Mag_1,Clay_Mag_2 }
    [menu] : telescope status { offline,online }
    ADC-GUI: [menu] : {offline, online }

    Instrument Control and Data Acquisition

    ExpTime: sets the exposure time (1..8200 seconds)
    Object: OBJECT value in the FITS header.
    This field will be sampled at the beginning of the readout.
    The 'reload' button reads the object name from the TCS catalog.
    Loops: number of exposures per sequence.
    ImageType: sets the exposure type { Object, Comp, Bias, Dark, Flat }
    SlitSize: Move the slit plate to the selected slit.
    Lamp: Select the lamp from {off,Quartz,ThAr} .
    Config: configuration notes
    Comment: COMMENT value in the FITS header.
    This field will be sampled at the beginning of the readout.
    The FITS record will be truncated to the first 26 characters.
    Image#: next file name number (rNNNN.fits,bNNNN.fits)
    The number may be set using the Camera--FileNumber menu.
    Start: starts a loop sequence of Loops exposures.
    Pause: close the shutter and stop the exposure timer.
    Resume: open the shutter and re-start the exposure timer.
    Abort: aborts the current readout (frame will be lost).
    Readout: sets the readout mode { Full, Subraster }
    Speed: sets the readout speed/gain combination { Slow, Fast}
    Binning: set the binning { 1-8 x 1-8 }
    CamFocus: move the camera focus mechanism.
    Grating: grating position (FITS header only, no motion control).
    Filter: filter for the FITS header (no motion control).

    Main Menu

    MIKE -- File -- Camera -- Help

    Menu - MIKE

    About MIKE: displays a window that shows the version of the GUI.
    Preferences: opens the Preferences window.
    Quit MIKE: terminate this GUI.

    Menu - File

    Load FITS: loads a FITS file from disk into the QuickLook display tool.
    Show Logfile: opens a Console window that displays the logfile.
    Show AppSupport: opens a Finder window displaying the content of the Application Support folder.
    Show DataPath: opens a Finder window displaying the content of the data path folder.

    Menu - Camera

    DataPath: opens a dialog that allows to set the path for the data (FITS) files.
    QuickLook: opens the QuickLook Tool windows.
    DewarStatus: opens the Dewar Status window.
    CCD-Hardhat: opens the CCD Hardhat window.
    FileNumber: enables (temporarily) the File number edit on the Data Acquisition window.
    PLC-Hardhat: opens the PLC Hardhat window.

    Menu - Help

    MIKE Software: opens this web page.
    User Manual: opens the LCO User Manual.


    General -- Camera -- QuickLook

    Preferences - General

    Observer: observer's name for the FITS header.
    Engineering Mode: Some functions require to switch to engineering mode as safety feature.
    eg. the PLC-Hardhat and the CCD-Voltages.

    Preferences - Camera

    Shutter Closed: sound after the shutter closes (before readout).
    Exposure Done: sound after the readout is done.
    If the the text in the edit-box is enclosed in single quotes ('), it will be spoken using the default system voice; otherwise the string will be interpreted as a sound file name and be played.
    Unless an absolute path is given, the file is expected to reside in the "/Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/MIKE" directory.

    Preferences - QuickLook

    Saturation Level: pixels above this level will be shown in red.
    Default Subraster: subraster geometry when adding a subraster using the 'a' key on the display.
    Clear Display Before Redaout: clears (black) the display before a new exposure is read out.
    Trim bias section from loaded FITS files: This allows to display the bias sections (overscan and biaslines)
    in the QuickLook tool for FITS files loaded from disk (not for data directly read from the array).

    Auxiliary Windows

    DataPaths -- DewarStatus -- CCD-Hardhat -- PLC-Hardhat

    Data Paths

    Select the data path(s) for the FITS files.
    Default: sets the path following the standard at the Magellan telescopes.
    Browse: opens a file selector that allows to set an optional secondary data path (eg. an external USB disk)

    Dewar Status

    Displays the temperatures, heater currents and setpoints of the DSP control loop.

    CCD Hardhat

    Reset DSP/CCD-Server: reloads the DSP code.
    CCD Voltages: opens a window that allows to modify the CCD voltages (requires engineering mode)

    PLC Hardhat

    Slit Position: manually move the slit.
    Shutter: manually open/close the shutter.

    QuickLook Tool


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    April 2003, Christoph C. Birk, Carnegie Observatories