IMACS Disperser Server System (DSS)


Disperser server wheel with grating tilt mechanism installed.  The yellow cover
(G10 fiberglass)protects electronics mounted on the back of the mechanism.  Drive chain
can be seen at left of image.

A grating in its tilt mechanism, mounted on the disperser server wheel.

Tyson Hare adjusts something on the back of the new grating tilt mechanism, while it sits on the
assembly stand.  The new cell and tilt mechanism designs have reduced flexure due to the grating
down to the single pixel level for a 360 degree rotation of the instrument.

Grating in its cell, removed from the tilt mechanism.  The six initial grating cells are interchangable
in the three tilt mechanisms on the DSS wheel.

The 200l/mm grism sitting in its shipping box.

Now mounted in its cell.

The silver-coated imaging mirror being mounted in its cell.


Alan Baggish with the drive electronics junction panel.  The drive housing and gearbox can be seen
in the foreground.


The DSS wheel mounted on the structure.   Note improved color of wheel...
The drive assembly mounts near the wheel in the lower left of this image.

Fixed matrix ring and clamp assembly.  Each pupil element is mounted with its own matrix ring,
which locates with the fixed ring when selected.  The clamp assemblies hold the fixed and pupil
element rings together in the active position.  Repeatability in the plane of the rings is good to a
few microns.  We are still working to make the X and Y tilts repeat as well as the translations.

A mirror cell mounted on its matrix ring.  The features around the circumference
of the ring guide and locate the assembly on the DSS wheel when it is out
of the active position.

March 7, 2002.

Tyson Hare surveys the strangely salmon colored disperser server wheel and cable wrap.
This will probably not be the final color....


The DSS center post is now finished.


February 1, 2002.
The large parts of the DSS are being fabricated at M&T.   This image is of the DSS wheel,
which carries the grating cells, grism cells, imaging mirror, and some day, Etalons and
Echellette gratings with prisms, on a vertical turning lathe.