IMACS instrument enclosures:

The IMACS structure enclosures were designed by Steve Gunnels of Paragon Engineering.
The main enclosure is made up of three sets of (ten) panels (front, middle, rear).  The panels are
formed from prefabricated sheets of insulation with prefinished aluminum skins.  The panels
attach to the instrument structure with quarter-turn fasteners.  The panel design allows the
instrument structure, and all sub-systems, to be quickly accessible for servicing or repairs.

Final panels and panel modifications for shutters and cameras - 2/2/03


The dewar protrudes slightly out of the current enclosure panels.  An additional
cover for the dewar will be attached to the two adjacent panels.


And like magic, a hole appears in two the central enclosure panels...

The new cover appears!

A typical cover (blister) for a shutter linear motor shaft (there are 2 motors on each
shutter, and a shutter for each camera).  Image courtesy of Steve Gunnels.


Bigelow and Baggish admire the short camera dewar cover.  Image courtesy of Steve

Panel Integration Completed - 11/07/02

Steve Gunnels and the IMACS enclosure panels installed on the instrument.  The large ring at the
far left of the structure is the fixed (non-rotating) support structure for the IGUS utility wrap.


Side view of the IMACS enclosure panels installed on the instrument.  All that remains are the
small blister covers for the shutters and the long camera dewar cover.

Panel Delivery Day, Sunday, July 12th, 2002

Valerie, Garrett, and Steve Gunnels unpack and arrange the enclosure panels prior to installation.

Panels ready to go.

Test fit-up of rear panels, which are not expected until early August.

Installing a middle panel is easier with two than one...


Inside view with half of the middle panels installed.

The quarter-turn latches can be seen holding the panels to the lip on the structure.


Front and middle panels after assembly by the Paragon Engineering crew.

Panel fabrication images - July, 2002

7/8/02 - The hard-working panel builders at Paragon Engineering - Valerie and Garrett

7/8/02 - Front panels drying in the sun.  The second panel in this picture includes an opening
for changing slit masks.

7/8/02 - The slit mask access panel.

7/8/02 - A front panel with primer.  The convex curve attaches to the FOSS disk
of the instrument structure.  The concave curve seals against the altitude structure
of the telescope.

7/8/02 - Center panels bonded, stop corners reinforced and ready for finish hardware.
Prepainted skins still have protective vinyl.

7/8/02 - Rear panels in process.  Matte black interior surface is visible on two panels.