IMACS field lens integration and installation - 5/9/02

The field lens in its shipping cell.  Note the new  2-speed hoist for the trolley crane.

Installing the lifting tooling.

Flipping the field lens over.

Ready for the cell.

The field lens is a little over 600 mm (24 ") in diameter, and weighs 36Kg (80 lbs.).

Note the straw-colored reflections due to the Sol-Gel AR coating.

Ready for installation in the structure.

Starting the trip to the structure...

In the air - that is a lot of money hanging by two straps...

Threading the cell into the structure.

Slit area to the left, collimator to the right, and Joe can hear the burrito bell ringing...

Approaching the field lens hole in the structure.

The tooling needed a little help to hang the lens vertically.

Field lens installed, view from the telescope side.  The slit mask server can be seen
to the left, the center-field guider to the right.



Field Lens fabrication

Tyson Hare and Alan Dressler inspect the field lens with its new Sol-Gel coating.

The field lens in its shipping fixture.

The field lens cell, in its shipping container (from Marinez and Turek).

The field lens cell, during fabrication at Martinez and Turek.