IMACS Filter Servers

Final assembly, test, and integration - February, 2003


New filter insertion stages.  Note the single-acting air cylinder, reduced size of insert arm, and
rotationally symmetric key.

January, 2003

Old filter insertion mechanism.  The two-stage insertion arm, which includes a double-acting
air-cylinder, was revised to minimize space constraints, and delete the rotationally sensitive
key mechanism.


Early Filter Server System Fabrication

The filter server system (FSS) provides an automated filter change capability for the IMACS short and long cameras. Each of the
two servers carry a set of 20 removeable filter frames. A DAEDAL motion stage positions a cassette holding the filters.
A two-stage air-powered insertion mechanism delivers the filters into the operation position inside the camera barrel.

FSS is mounted on a red engine stand for testing.



View showing fliter cassette, insertion arm, filters, and latches.

View showing the filter slide (image left), which will be inside the camera barrel.

View showing prototype pnuematics, filter cassette, test fixture.

The cassette holds 15 150mm x 150mm filters.

The filter slide contains a filter frame and dummy (alum.) filter in the inserted position.

Dummy filter inserted.

Back side of inserted filter.

Prototype pnuematics. This is the test configuration!

Filter frame guide parts hot off the VF4...

There are 60 of the spring-loaded guide wheel assemblies shown to the left.

Filter frame holder parts hot off the VF4...

There are 4 corner pieces per filter frame, or 80 total.