IMACS long camera installation - 5/13/02

Long camera barrel assembled and ready to install.

Threading the barrel through the truss.  Field lens is to the right, collimator barrel to
the left.

It was a tight fit through the structure, but no fingers (or noses) were lost...

Easing the barrel into the MOSS box.

Long camera installed, view through disperser server.  Long camera below, collimator

Field lens, collimator, and long camera installed in structure.

View down the long camera axis.  Note that the imaging mirror is now installed too.

A sticker can be seen on the back of a test slit mask, seen though the field lens.


Viola!  An image of the back of the slit mask is formed at the back of the long camera.
Can't tell if the back focal distance is right yet!  We still need to install a detector system.


IMACS long camera final assembly and installation - 5/15/02

Checking spacings in the front barrel.

Measuring the distance down to L02.

Front and rear barrels ready for assembly.

IMACS long camera opto-mechanical assembly - February, 2002


The long camera triplet is assembled, and is currently being filled with coupling oil,
Cargille's 5610 laser liquid.


Here, the liquid fill lines can bee seen in both interfaces - the larger zone is between
L02 and L03 (in back), the smaller zone between L03 and L04 (in front).  The oil volume
compensator is at the 4:00 position.


A Coke can gives the scale...


Long Camera Assembly Continues! 10/01/01

A mechanical test-fit between the long camera barrels, the shutter,
the filter server insertion mechanism, and the 8K dewar. Now we just need some glass...

The long camera rear barrel section, containing the scale control mechanism for L05. The lens cell is attached to the barrel through 3 titanium flexures, which constrain the lens position in X, Y, and rotation about Z. Three actuators define the location of the cell in Z, and rotations about X and Y. Hence, the lens can be tipped, tilted, and translated in Z under computer control. Z position control is used for compensating magnification as a function of temperature. Tip and tilt can be used for flexure control if necessary.

Two flexures can be seen, along with the noses and tail of two of the scale control actuators.

Long Camera fabrication at Martinez and Turek, Rialto, Ca.

As of 8/03/01 (running a little late...)

Dave Boese stops the long camera front barrel from jumping off the table...

Long Camera Rear Barrel

The long camera rear barrel in progress.

The long camera rear barrel in progress.

IMACS Long Camera Fabrication Starts!

These are the future front and rear barrels for the long camera, shown here

at Martinez and Turek, in Rialto, Ca.




These are the rough cut blanks for the long camera lens cells, L01 through L04.

Stay tuned for addition fabrication images.  The finished parts are due at OCIW in June, 2001.