Slit Mask Blank Fabrication Development - Metal Spinning

The prototype slit mask blanks shown below were fabricated by Ace Metal Spinning, Los Angeles, CA. The tooling costs for metal spinning are relatively low, which makes spinning an attractive choice for prototyping. The repeatability of the process is operator-dependent, which makes spinning less attractive for the large quantity of parts ultimately required for this application.

(Images can be clicked on to view a larger version)

Aluminum Slit Mask Fabrication -
Metal Spinning of Alum. Shells

Protoype slit masks have been fabricated using a metal spinning technique. This image shows the hardwood tool upon which the masks are shaped.

Metal Spinning of Alum. Shells

This image shows a part (not an IMACS mask!) being spun. The metal blank is spun by an (antique!) lathe headstock, while a tool (the white roller) is used to force the part against a master.

IMACS Slit Masks

These images show pairs of "flanged" and "flangeless" masks.