IMACS short camera opto-mechanical assembly

4 February 2003

First full assembly complete!  Sadly, the camera will have to come apart at least
once, for the new S04 cell, and to install the quartet volume compensator.


Starting to fill the quartet.




Front barrel fully assembled (S01-S02 doublet, S03 singlet).


Making progress...

Nearly full in the front cavity, 2nd and 3rd are behind.



Front gap is full, middle and back are coming along...

Almost there!


The end is near.




Front and rear barrels ready for integretion.  The conspicuous stickers
show the correct rotational orientation of the two barrels.



Lowering the front barrel down into the rear barrel.


Checking it twice...

Dressler and Bigelow try to figure out how the wrench wound up inside the barrel...



Well, it looks OK now.




Do we look pleased?!  It's 10 PM, time to call it a day.  FIrst images on Wednesday!


The Director would like to use it!

2 February 2003

The quartet is now assembled and installed in the rear barrel.  Measurements
for final dimensions of the axial spacers have been taken.  The spacers must
now be adjusted, and the barrels reassembled.


Alan Dressler with the short camera quartet.  The quartet weighs
about 90 lbs, and the 10 ton crane was the only one handy...


Assembly of the quartet in the rear barrel:







23 January 2003

The quartet is now assembled, for the first time, at least.  Measuring of the
quartet vertices in the camera barrel is now under way.

S04-S08 assembled into the quartet.  The group is not oil-coupled yet.

This thing is big, and heavy.  We will be using a crane to install the quartet
in the rear barrel.

There is evidence of bubbles in the RTV bond between a lens and its cell. This is
disconcerting, and it is not clear yet which lens/cell has the bubbles.  It is also not clear
yet if the bubbles are changing with time.  This may require re-potting the offending
lens, once we figure out which one it is!

A rear-quarter view of the quartet.

S09 in its cell.


S09 mounted in the rear barrel.

21 January 2003

Note that the short camera mechanical parts were in fabrication a year ago
in January.  Tinsley labs finished the two short camera aspheres in October,
the lenses were AR coated, and assembly has been underway since.

The short camera  doublet (S01 and S02) being filled with oil.  Note the oil level
(about 1/2 full), the high-tech wooden stand, and the interesting distortion by the lenses
of the bottom of the white board.  The oil volume compensator can be seen at the 8:00
position on the cell.

Almost full...

What on Earth is going on here?

S05 ready to assemble with the rest of the quartet.  S05 is as close to a hemisphere
as we have in IMACS...

S07 and S08 are mounted together.  Note the hexagonal image that is created by
the oil channels around the girdle of S07.  These reflections will disappear when the
quartet is oiled.

The short camera front barrel with S03 installed.


The short camera rear barrel is busy at the moment, carrying its shutter
(vertical, grey), and the short camera filter server (blue).  Note the filter dummies
(black frames with aluminum x-ray filters).  The barrel will have to be removed shortly...


IMACS short camera mechanics fabrication

The short camera mechanics were fabricated by Martinez and Turek, of Rialto, Ca.

February 28, 2002

All of the short camera cells, spacers, and parts are now finished, with the exception
of the rear barrel, which is nearing completion (see next image).  The small problem
on S02 has been repaired.

The rear barrel just needs deburring and anodizing to finish.


February 18, 2002
Cell S02 has a little thread protrusion problem.


Steve Fox, Bob Holmstedt, and Bigelow debate the finer points of lens cell fabrication....


February 1, 2002

Now the barrels look like this!

Front barrel:


Rear barrel:


17 Jan 2002

Fabrication of the short camera mechanics has started at Martinez and Turek.
The completed cells and barrels are due at OCIW on 1 March 2002.

First images of the barrels - raw materials! Rear barrel on the left, front barrel on the right.