Collimator, DSS, plumbing, and wiring - 8/14 - 8/15/03

Tyson and Vince ready the disperser server wheel for the crane ride to the instrument. The field lens and collimator (foreground) are also ready to install.

The wheel arrives at the Nasmyth platform.

Guiding the wheel to it place on the MOSS.

Emelio Cerda releases the hook.

Then the collimator is lifted.

Bruce Bigelow and Gabriel Martin engage the Magellan horizontal gravity vector.

The collimator is slid into its mounting on the MOSS. This process, which usually took 45 minutes with the trolley crane in Pasadena, takes 10 minutes with the jib (overhead) crane on Magellan.

8/14/03 - 10:30 PM - First light in the center field guide camera. Surveying of the guider home positions and travel ranges continues with integration of the guiding control software.

Emelio Cerda checks wiring in the slit area. All of the guider camera motion stages and cameras are installed, and all of the air, exhaust (green), and liquid cooling (blue) plumbing systems are complete.

Gabriel Martin CO2-snow cleaning the Magellan 1 (Baade) primary mirror. Vince Kowal looks on from the floor.

View of the top end calibration lamps and pupil screen. The secondary mirror cell is at the extreme right.

View of the photographer in the primary mirror, and Eric Persson's instrument PANIC on the East Nasmyth platform.

Tyson Hare and Alan Bagish reflected in the primary mirror.

Alan Bagish and IMACS on the West Nasmyth platform.

IMACS on the morning of 8/15/03. The IGUS utility wrap, DSS wheel, and slit mask server (red) can be seen.

IMACS on the left, and mirror cleaning on the right. Note the open mirror covers and tertiary mirror baffle.

First (calibration) light in the IMACS center-field guider Shack-Hartmann optical system.