IMACS has landed

August 7th 2003

Frank sets up a target for the laser along the optical axis.

Steve and Frank make a rough alignment of the carriage.

Steve plumbs the carriage to measure the distance from the rotator.

Preparing the surface of the platform for the mounting pads.

Having laser-aligned the instrument, the crew begins to prepare to weld the pads.

The welding is done, the carriage is bolted. The dome is opened for the crane.

The lifting beam is lowered in by the crane.

IMACS mainframe is harnessed to the lifting beam...


The structure reaches the ring beam level.

The dome begins to turn to bring the Nasmyth platform around.

As the dome turns, the crew begins to orient the structure.

The platform approaches the mainframe.

The mainframe position is carefully adjusted.

The crew grabs hold and babies in the mainframe.


Pasadena -- this is Campanas base: the IMACS has landed.

Over and out from LCO.