Electronics racks and utility wrap - 8/12/03

Alan Bagish leads the installation of the IGUS chain

Alan Bagish, Felix Quiroz, Juan Venegas, Pedro Barrios, and Gabriel Martin

Vince Kowal and the IGUS utility chain

Frank Perez checks clearance between the racks and lift

It comes very close...

But clears...

Tyson Hare and Alan Bagish installing guide cameras

End of the day on 8/12/03.

Racks and wiring as of 8/12/03.

Guider stages ready to install 8/12/03.

Guider installation 8/13/03.

Tyson and guiders 8/13/03.

Installaton crew after first computer controlled motion of guiders on the telescope: L-R: Vince Kowal, Alan Bagish, Emilio Cerda, Ian Thompson, Alan Dressler, Greg Burley, Frank Perez, Tyson Hare, Bruce Bigelow - 8/13/03.