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Magellan attribution

The following text, adopted September 21, 2005 by the Magellan Council, should be included as a footnote to the title of papers that contain and use data taken with Magellan telescopes:

This paper includes data gathered with the 6.5 meter Magellan Telescopes located at Las Campanas Observatory, Chile.

FourStar attribution

The following reference should be used when referring to FourStar:

Persson et al. 2013, PASP, 125, 654

\bibitem[Persson et al.(2013)]{2013PASP..125..654P} Persson, S.~E., Murphy, 
 D.~C., Smee, S., et al.\ 2013, \pasp, 125, 654 

FourStar Manual 03-Apr-2014
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Persson et al. 2013 arxiv PASP
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