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These Web pages are the Documentation for the FOCAL PLANE MECHANISMS area designed by The Observatories in Pasadena, CA. Other parts of the system in the renderings below, designed by the Johns Hopkins University Instrument Development Group (IDG),
are not part of this documentation.

Click here - Focal Plane Mechanisms Click here - Focal Plane Mechanisms
The Four Star infrared camera is a 4096 x 4096 equivalent pixel area covering the J,H,Ks bands that employs an array of four Teledyne HAWAII-2RG detectors that produce a 10.9' x 10.9' field of view. The instrument is under construction for the Magellan Baade 6.5m telescope at Las Campanas Observatory, Chile. Intended to provide a deep extragalactic survey capability, it is also expected to see service in more focused situations. FourStar uses an all-refractive optical system similar to the proven PANIC imager installed at Magellan. Carnegie has partnered with the Johns Hopkins University Instrument Development Group (IDG) for work on the mechanical and opto-mechanical design and maintains close contact with Rockwell Scientific on detector and readout electronics issues.
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Click here - Focal Plane Mechanisms

Click here - Focal Plane Mechanisms


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